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October 01, 2010


Susan Maricle

Martha, I apologize if any of your readers weren't able to access Jerry the Grateful Dog. Migrating from one platform to another has been an adventure. Your readers will find it on this page, which has posts about rescue dogs. Again, thanks for the repost! Susan

Susan Maricle

Martha, I noticed my blog post that you kindly reblogged doesn't show up on your site, as I've moved to a new platform. I provided a direct link to it below, along with the followup post. BTW, LOVE your tsunami dog video! Susan

Ads and sales and puppydog tails

Jerry, the Grateful Dog

Susan Maricle

Martha, thank you so much for the reblog! One thing I forgot to mention is the seller of the collar, Hot Dog Collars on She (or he) included a dog treat in the package. It's the extras that make excellent customer service.

I look forward to reading through your voluminous archive.

And if you ever go to Slovakia, the word for "fat dog" is "cuvac" (pronounced CHU-votch).

Susan Maricle

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