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September 23, 2008


chelsea g

Seriously. I'd be dead by my own hand more than once (which makes me kind of like a cat, if you metaphorize it) were it not for my dogs both past and present. When I can't get out of bed for anything else, I can do it for my dog.


This was lovely. I am a dog person 200% and I love 'problem dogs' more than anything. I love and adore my dogs with all my heart and so far I am so lucky that they have kept me out of the ultimate darkness. They are good and beautiful and obnoxious and retarded and such individuals. I can't imagine life without them.

Martha Garvey

Thanks for your lovely comments, and congratulations on your "dog path." I feel so sad about DFW. Let's be good to our dogs in his memory.


Thank you for this lovely post. I, too, wasn't a dog person until I met the first dog I brought home with me, a pit bull named Lugh. Dogs have changed my life, too, for the better. I'm a happier, more grounded, more spiritual, better person.

I didn't know DFW was a dog person. I did feel his loss acutely, and somehow it makes me both sadder and happier to know that he loved dogs: happier for the joy they must have brought each other, and sadder that the love of dogs couldn't save him, that he's not living on, loving dogs.

This post really touched and moved me.

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