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June 19, 2008


Martha Garvey

It is wild, isn't it? The wonderful and sometimes strange connections our dogs make for us...


What a wonderful post! It got me to thinking about all the great friends I've met and wonderful opportunities that have come my way because of my dogs.


Thanks. I especially like it when Faith's "befriending" gets me out of my comfort zone. Dogs: the great uniter.


Those are great. Since my dogs have a social life sometimes apart from me, they have more friends than I have, so I have met some great people through them.


Denita, thanks, it's Martha...(hm..I have to fix that)...YouTube is easy..copy the code from the "embed video" to the right of the web page for the video. Create a new post in your typepad blog, and click on the tab that reads "Edit HTML." Paste the code in your post, and save it. It should play fine.


Well, let me start off apoloqizing because I do not know your first name (I couldn't find it on your blog anywhere)

I LOVE your commitment to "Faith"! I too have a pit/rott mix and what a wonderful, wonderful dog he is indeed. They are so mis-understood.

I will check in often, and just as soon as I can figure out how to put you-tube on my typepad blog, I absolutey have to steal the viscious bull with the baby from you. Priceless!!!!


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