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June 17, 2008


Martha Garvey

Michele--I agree. I think Neptune understood that Faith had something to teach him!

Michele Lee

Being a cougar myself it's a rather comforting we can share the term 'bitch' with our best buds...then why not 'cougar' :)


He is adorable...we saw him again today. Neptune looks ALMOST like this (I borrowed a public domain picture--couldn't take a good photo on my phone)...he and Faith actually scampered a bit today, but while his kisses remain sweet, he may be too puppyish for Miss Faith. He likes to "whomp" with his paw. Cute...but mighty!

Lynn Haraldson

Neptune is GORGEOUS! I love Newfies. We have a flat-coat retriever so it's kind of like owning a Newf. Glad you (and Faith ;)) are enjoying DC.

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