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January 29, 2006


Martha Garvey

Ellen, I feel the same way. I never finished anything I sewed...I'd wait for my grandmother to visit and then she'd do the hard parts. (Thanks, Gert!)

I liked Andrae a lot. But I'll be happy if Daniel wins, too.

It is a show that makes you want to make stuff.


I love Tim Gunn! Continuing on, I like Larry David, and I'm unacqainted with Kanye West other than seeing him state the obvious about Bush after the Katrina debacle.

I look forward to Project Runway all week long. I'm rooting for Daniel and have a soft spot for Andrae and Chloe and Nick. I miss Diane, although I didn't much like her designs. I liked her as a person.

I love Santino as a TV character, but his designs are weird and are starting to all look the same.

The show makes me want to sew! I have an old Kenmore in the closet. Maybe someday I could get a dress form made in my shape and then play with fabric and draping and invent awesome (or awesomely weird, more like it) dresses for myself.

Wait, I never wear dresses!

Well, it would be fun to sew something again someday anyway.


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