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August 25, 2005


Martha Garvey

Good for you for staying involved!

I loved hearing your personal history of the Armory. I just remembered another one..the Brooklyn Academy of Music used it as a theatre a few years ago!


Growing up across the street from the armory was an adventure for me, my friends and I used it as a handball court, homeplate when we played stick ball and base when we played tag . At about seven years old I climbed the armory from eighth avenue to seventh avenue and celebrated that like I had just scaled Mt. Everest. I even went to second base for the first time while my "boyfriend" and I hid in its shadow. I've seen drug users, women abusers and most recently a handful of homeless men have built an encampment across the street from my door. One of my earliest memories is when I was about four years old and my mother and I lined up againt the graffitied wall for about an hour so we could get this huge block of cheese...for free. Seriously though one of my fondest memories is when they started filming in the armory. I was in awe when I saw Bruce Willis for the first time while filming "Die hard". When they started filming "Meet Joe Black" I got to know the night time security guards pretty well thanks to my friend and her flirtacious nature. One night they invited us inside to see the set. I never thought it would all look so realistic. ( At that time I was about 17 years old and had barely left Brooklyn. )Right now no one really knows whats gonna become of the armory but I will stay involved with it since I'm part of the block association.

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